Team Steady

Brett Lizotte

Buyer/Seller Specialist

Tel: 651-319-6599

Brett is a full time realtor in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. He’s passionate about connecting with people and hearing their stories. He believes that life is all about relationships which is evident in the way that he cares about each and every client. He prides himself in going above and beyond in making sure that each person receives a unique and tailored experience based on their goals. His background as an athlete has given him a competitive nature which means he will never let his clients settle and will always be striving for the best. Brett knows that buying or selling a home can be a daunting process and he will do everything he can to make it a seamless experience that leaves you excited and prepared for your next adventure. #ListWithLizotte

Lucas Hansen

Buyer/Seller Specialist

Tel: 507-402-0347

Lucas is a full-time Realtor in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. He is passionate about people and being able to partner alongside them in the process of achieving their real estate goals. He strives to be a reliable realtor focusing on integrity with all of his clients regardless of the circumstances. Lucas’ background in counseling will make sure you feel heard and cared for as you invest in your future home. Driven by a mission to make the process of buying or selling as smooth and stress-free as possible, he will work extremely hard to make sure his clients are well taken care of. Lucas’ passion for real estate is apparent through his clear and consistent communication skills along with his warm and friendly approach. His goal is to simplify the buying and selling process so that his clients feel educated and empowered with their real estate decisions. Lucas’ purpose-driven approach to real estate will leave you feeling excited and confident in your search for your new home. #HansenKnowsHomes

Jadde Rowe

Buyer/Seller Specialist

Tel: 320-250-9466

Jadde is a full-time Realtor ready to solve your real estate needs in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Growing up in a real estate family, Jadde has a genuine love and enthusiasm for the industry which he enjoys sharing with every client. His relentless work ethic and clear communication stands alone as he equips each of his clients with confidence and knowledge. His motivation comes from seeing each client achieve their real estate goals and make the most informative decisions for themselves and their families. Don’t be nervous about buying or selling. Jadde’s professionalism, integrity, and high-quality relationships will provide an exceptional client experience and get you to the closing table feeling confident and excited about your results. #CloseWithRowe

Josh Freitas

Buyer/Seller Specialist

Tel: 203-470-6094

Josh, is a Realtor in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  He’s driven by leading people to live a life of their greatest potential. Committed to excellence in all that he does and passion for serving others, he will always put his clients first. A hard-working and competitive athlete by nature, Josh is motivated to make his clients feel confident and fully equipped when making decisions in the real estate process. His outgoing, high-energy and can-do attitude allow him to quickly address client needs and get them moving in the right direction. Without a doubt you will feel a client centered approach working with Josh. #sellwithjosh

Lars Anderson

Buyer/Seller Specialist

Tel: 651-497-1666

Lars is a full-time realtor in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. He’s driven by his love for people and being able to walk alongside them in the home buying or selling process. Understanding that each person comes from a different background with different experiences, goals, needs and desires, Lars will work around clients’ busy schedules to help prepare them to make the best decision possible for themselves and their families. With an emphasis on thorough communication, as well as integrity and professionalism, you will know Lars has put your needs first every step of the way. His goal is to use his industry knowledge and connections to educate you on the current real estate market, and provide you with the information and tools necessary to make the best decision when buying or selling a home. Lars’ mission is to make the process a smooth and enjoyable one for every person or family he works with. He’ll find joy in making your real estate experience as great as possible! #ListWithLars

Taylor Doolittle

Co-Founder & Lead Buyer/Seller Specialist

Tel: 952-567-9939

Taylor is a realtor in the greater areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. He’s passionate about empowering people to prosper in all areas of life, and sees real estate as the perfect opportunity to set his clients up for long-term happiness and success. As a driven, competitive, hard-working individual, Taylor stops at nothing to find the greatest fit and most profitable win for each client. He values honesty and integrity, and believes in the importance of educating clients through every step of the process, so they can feel confident in making the best decision for themselves and their families. Whether you're looking to buy or sell, you’ll want this upbeat, encouraging man right by your side. #ImWithTay

Cameron Monson

Buyer/Seller Specialist
Email: Cameron

Tel: 612-750-5599

Cameron is a Realtor serving the needs of buyers and sellers in the greater Twin Cities metro areas. Born into a real estate family, Cam has a passion for all things real estate, from new construction design to today’s latest interior design trends. Cameron’s goal with every client is to create a winning strategy to meet their real estate goals. Finding a home in today’s competitive market requires hard work, dedication and innovative techniques. Cameron uses his highly competitive and determined personality to take care of his clients and their needs. Benefit from his high energy approach and the resources of the award winning team surrounding him. Contact Cameron today for a no-obligation consultation! #SoldByCam

Sam Steadman

Co-Founder & Team Lead

Tel: 952-607-7436

Sam is a high producing Realtor in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. He’s an award winning agent & the founder of Team Steady Real Estate. It is his mission to make a positive impact in the community and lives of everyone he serves. As a highly responsive agent, Sam works full-time and around the clock to ensure each client’s specific needs and desires are met at the highest level. With your future and interest in mind, he seeks to educate, empower, and prepare clients to make the best decision possible for themselves and their families. He’s known for his reliability, effortless communication, and leadership in the field. Sam leverages his background in real estate investing, expertise in marketing, and high quality relationships in the industry to provide a smooth, world-class experience for his clients’ convenience and results. You may not be family, but he’ll treat you as if you are! #TeamSteady

Luke Chase

Buyer/Seller Specialist

Tel: 612-418-9979

Luke is a Realtor in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area. His deep interests in people, careers, music, and sports gives him an understanding that every person has unique priorities and backgrounds that play a part in their real estate decisions. His personality places a high priority on clear communication and goal setting so that each client feels understood and equipped to tackle the real estate market with ease. Growing up in both the east and west metro, Luke has lived in Minnesota his entire life and has a deep knowledge of the city and surrounding suburbs. Luke’s professional background in marketing has helped him establish a customer-first approach as a “North Star” that he is simply unwilling to veer from.    

Nick Martin

Operations Manager

Tel: 763-227-5898

Nick is a licensed realtor in the greater areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. He’s passionate about helping people in any way that he can and making things easier for people to understand. Real estate is the perfect opportunity to both wall alongside someone in one of the biggest purchases and decisions in their lives, as well as creating and implementing systems to make every transaction smooth for clients, teammates and all other parties in each transaction. His experience in the industry, hard work ethic, creative problem solving, organizational skills and gift for teaching make his role as Operations Manger the perfect fit for Team Steady. 

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